Mentoring Services
The goal of the mentoring services is to provide the youth in our communities with positive role models that will allocate a minimum of two weeks per month coordinating and interacting various activities with their assigned mentee.

Emotional/Psychological Healing
The goal of emotional/psychological healing is to provide individual, family, and/or group counseling. These services are structured around a system of therapeutic interventions or counseling services known to be successful with identified populations, diagnosis, and other service needs.

Life Skills Training
The goal of life skills training is to provide assistance in: Career Planning, Communication, Daily Living, Housing and Money Mgmt, Self Care, Social Relationships, and Work and Study Habits.

Educational Goals
These services assist with GED/CRCT Preparation and Tutoring.

Grandparent Adoption
Provide students with community service hours towards graduation and incorporate various leisure activities with elderly individuals.

Book Club
To empower at risk youth to make positive life choices through reading literature and participating in community service events.